Pleasantries! My friend, Franki Fiori (@frankifiori ) wrote a book called “Down to the Bone” … it’s not for the faint of heart. Sometimes it makes me flinch, but it’s raw & real & I like it. Check it out! It has elements of erotica, undoubtedly, so if you’re not open to that, don’t open […]

I’ve been dreaming of going on the road with my music for years. There is no time but the present. So, I begin my travel blog here in the now. I began my travels last Friday, 10/1/2016, on a road trip from Los Angeles through Northern California. Trippy trips, twisty travel stories and melodious music […]

Is anyone else staring at the Hollywood Sign right now?  With a glare in my eye The sun sets in the sky I, can’t drive an inch I, don’t even flinch As the guy behind me … lays on his horn My tires are bald and my brakes are worn I just got stabbed in […]

Have you ever had the feeling, when life is going well, that something just has to go wrong? This is the feeling I wish to eradicate from my life, as well as the subsequent self-sabotage that once accompanied it. This negative self-fulfilling prophecy no longer serves me.  Now is the time to flip it around […]

Sometimes I am afraid to be alive. Due to all the tragedy that has taken place in my life, I am frightened that, at any moment, the second shoe is going to drop. I have been pre-conditioned. Was this God’s plan? To give us such beauty, yet deeply fractured, and on the brink of shattering?   […]